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Remembrance Day 2023

With Remembrance Day coming this weekend. It can be a difficult time for Veterans and those with people serving in the armed forces. I thought I would just highlight some useful resources that you can use to help support if you feel that you need it.

Op RESTORE: This deals with Physical and wellbeing issues that you may have had from being in the service.


Op COURAGE: This deals with Mental Health issues that you may have had and has incorporated TILS (Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service).


Combat Stress have also a dedicates helpline for veterans and their families available 24 hours a day – 0800 138 1619

The Warrior Programme provides support for mentally processing and managing emotions. They are open to Veterans, Serving personnel and also families.


Yarm Wellness also run a Veterans' Breakfast that runs every Tuesday at 10am


If you know of someone who is serving, or has served. Please reach out to them.

Look after each other.

Dr David Hindmarsh (ex-RAMC)

NHS Friends and Family

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